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The participants were asked how they perceived the information from the SMS campaign. These statements suggest that the SMSes were seen as more trustworthy than the other sources of information due to the perceived authority of the SMSes, which were associated with official sources. “The SMSes stay on your phone. The other advantage reported was that the SMSes were also easily retrievable as they stay on the cellphone, unlike the health talks at the clinic which were easily forgotten. They can stay on your phone, and you can just go back and read it again… it’s like a constant reminder”. So it’s coming straight from the people who know what they are talking about”. Regarding antenatal knowledge at baseline, all of the responses between the two groups were comparable at baseline except for question 9 which asked, “What are the signs of labour? 7. Completing Touches – Secure a plastic edge limitation with spikes that are dispersed around two feet separated. How well you team up with such groups, then the more benefit you are likely to get.