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How Green Is Your Child Tracking Device?

2. Don’t let anyone get know about your actions, and make sure you carefully update all apps regularly online. And if you want to know about someone’s location then it will be the best option to track the cell phone of that person. How to track an iPhone location for free with a built-in app? […]


To Ensure Your Child’s Safety In The Online World

Now days instead of directly calling and talking to people, they do text messages for communication. That mobile transition has proved difficult for directors to capture—both because the nuances of communication have been upended in the past several years and because the medium has physically transformed. A wonderful hub and it addresses so many problems […]


This Simple Hack Can ‘Knox’ Your Galaxy S10 Out

Lee H, Harindranath G, Oh S, Kim DJ (2015) Provision of mobile banking services from an actor-network perspective: implications for convergence and standardization. Lee MSY, McGoldrick PF, Keeling KA, Doherty J (2003) Using ZMET to explore barriers to the adoption of 3G mobile banking services. Yu T, Fang K (2009) Measuring the Post-Adoption Customer Perception […]